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Copotronic InfoSystems Limited

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Skill Development Pogram

Skill Enhancement Program:

Copotronic is the authorized training center for “Skill Enhancement Program” of Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority to provide IT and outsourcing training to more than 150 graduates under ICT ministry.


Copotronic also authorized company for “Employee Incentive Program” of Hi-Tech Park under ICT ministry to train and provide employment to the graduate students. Upto now Copotronic trained and provide employment of 65 persons under the project.


C-Level Training Program:

Copotronic’s Managing Director has successfully completed “Advance Management Course” from University of Hong Kong under the “C Level Training Program” of Bangladesh HI-Tech Park authority and now also working as a resource person of Hi-Tech Park authority to conduct C-Level training to the C-level executives working in IT/ITES industries. Upton now trained more than 100 C-Level executives of the country.




Skill Certificate from HKU & Microsoft:


C-Level Training:

Copotronic providing C-level Advance Management Training to C Level Executive of Bangladesh IT Industries under Bangladesh Hi Tech park authority under Ministry of ICT. Upto now Copotronic conducted training to more than 100 C Level executive of Bangladesh IT and ITES industries.

Conducting C-Level Training at Hi-Tech Park with Secretary of ICT Mr. N. I. Khan.


Conducting C-Level Training at Hi-Tech Park with Secretary of ICT, PD of Hi-Tech Park


Receiving Trainer certificate from Honorable State Minister of ICT for conducting C-level training at Hi-Tech Park.

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